Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weather outside is frightful.

The weather dipped into negatives last week and most of my riding plans went out the window until today.

We began back seriously on Tuesday, but then the weather came hard and quick. While I grew up the north, and I'm used to schooling, being in and around it. But when you break your bucket while chipping out ice, replacing bedding because it was so frozen it wasn't comfortable to walk, let alone sleep on, I took the hint. I let riding slide.

But I wasn't around horses. Being the Director of Pony Cup, I did a lot of work over the week to begin to put infrastructure within the show. We decided on a class list, levels of sponsorship and what direction the show should take. Even got a location (can't tell it's a secret). Made a lot of headway on it. Recieved community blessings from the upper-ups. Good mojo overall.

Redesign was so-so. Much of my ideas were shot down like clay pigeons and I'm working late every evening to get the update done. At least the weather cooperated with that. Even if the FTP didn't.

Coming back to riding has been wonderful and the horses are stronger than ever now. For now, getting everyone in shape is the top priority and it's slow, methodical work.

Part of me gets really frustrated at this stop and go thing. She's turning ten this year, and I feel that while we're making huge leaps of progress, and we can taste FEI somedays- we still have a long way to go. Still rusty on the changes, still no confirmed piaffe, an assemblance of a half pass.

But, today was straightness and keeping body alignment. My coach had a wonderful visualisation technique that worked wonders. Nose, withers, ribs and hips, keep these aligned and you have a thorough horse and everything else will follow.

I did have a few sucking back discussions with Sinari who wanted to slow (not collect) when I sat portions of the trot. A few well placed taps kept her energetically forward.

For me it was sitting. I found myself tipping forward a bit, but when I sat, I was still a little hovering. Relaxing into the motion, sitting and dictating the tempo became easier towards the end.

In the end, it was a very productive day.

May is still very pregnant and Bella is still very muddy (outdoor is drowned and repetitively frozen).

May hit her third trimester, and it's all starting to seem so eminent. I can almost see this foal, somedays I really dread it. Still unsure what I want to do for next year, but I think 2010 she might have a job as an ET recipient mare. Which works out a whole lot of solutions for the both of us until 2011, when I really want to do ET with Sinari.

Did find a stallion, but not telling who until the last bit of contracts are signed and I'm ready to proceed.

Overall, I'm ready to move forward again and I'm eager for the weather to stop being bi-polar.

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