Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice, ice baby

Sorry. Couldn't resist the incredibly bad use of Vanilla Ice.

If you haven't been glued to CNN in the past few days, the South East region (e.g. Lexington) has been hit with a rather nasty ice/snow storm. The region is well known for its lack of capability of handling such an event and so about 100,000 homes were without power, water or the basic amenities. The surrounding counties took the major hit, some will be without power or H2O for at least another week to two weeks.

As for me I'm doing fine.

Even though from Tuesday, up until 10am today I have not had power at the loft and have been staying with a few local relative (the boy's mum).

And by Wednesday the roads became way too treacherous to even travel to work, much less the barn (thanks everyone who helped out there!) so I stayed put and caught up on some reading.

It was also on Wednesday that due to rolling power outages and personal ineptitude to dress myself I earned some mild frostbite on my feet. Some may consider walking barefoot across the frozen tundra of a parking lot knocking on windows, testing doors to get back into your now defunct building a character building exercise, I however, do not.

I eventually pulled the door off the magnet-hinges and got back inside to warm up with soft wool socks and a mildly-warm shower. Didn't leave the blankets until we vacated the house.

I swear if I build the next house, conventional tumble locks WILL be used, backup solar generators will be employed and two words for the farm truck: snow plow.

By Thursday, we were all back at work, only to be punished by our absenteeism with mandatory overtime for next week (hooray!)

All this house time and lack of barn time, means me going cabin crazy. I felt fairly catatonic up until today. I felt mostly disappointed namely because I was making (what felt like) progress again under saddle.

Now I feel like a house frau of a heifer, horses that are back sliding in training and stuff that needs to be done.

It's also not over, we're supposed to get snow on Monday.

But on the positive side I am going home, I have power again.

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