Thursday, January 1, 2009

Halter gnomes

I've learned over the years from hard-to-catch ponies that preparation is half the battle. Mine aren't hard to catch, but they still wear their halters turning turn out.

Then again after being run down a few times or shoved past, the less you have to fiddle about, the better.

So when your in-training-to-become and FEI pony decides to go buck wild and then buck naked, loosing her halter in a large paddock just as the sun is setting, life gets interesting and you learn to make rope halters really fast.

I blame halter gnomes.

I swear every farm has one and is probably the cousin to the dryer-gnome who has a fetish for clean, warm socks.

My horses go out in their leather turn out halters, partly for the above mentioned reason and for various other concerns. One minor exception is May, who goes out without, but that's another story.

So after I put away the pony for the evening, I trekked back out to the now somewhat dark two or three acre paddock and begin the walk in 20 degree and falling weather.

I wasn't successful the first time.

Or the second.

But today in my morning trek, I found it. Perfectly intact, clip still clipped and not a seam broken. Whatever the halter gnome wanted with it, s/he had its way with it and left it for me to find.

And while I'm happy to have the turnout halter back, I wish they would be considerate and hang it up when they're done.

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