Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everyones a little bit racist

I loathe Kentucky weather sometimes.

On one hand, the summers are blisteringly humid and even now, makes my very short hair curl. On the other hand, the winters come very late, but when they come they're hard and cold. And yes, both spring and fall are very, very, short.

Today and yesterday were my days off from the usual two plus horses due to said weather.

I just rode Sinari in the indoor and went to the other farm afterwards to clean up a few things, but became stuck in the social hour.

But first training:

Yesterday I had a lesson with Sharon, working over one of my favorite transition exercises (shoulder in to two steps of half pass and back to leg yield) and overall straightness (walk-canter transitions on the quarter line). We finished up with medium/extended trot to stretchy circles. Highly productive and the emphatic purpose of straightness and metastability allows me to put her anywhere I need to.

Also realised that I need to clean up the transition to the canter from the walk.

Coming back into work, she's become stronger, the break did her very good and she's becoming more adjustable as the days go by. Today I pushed her a bit, doing the three steps of super-collected canter and mini pir's (think half pass around the circle). In the end she was probably collected enough to do five alternating walk-canter transitions around the circle itself.

If this keeps up we're definitely doing third level by May.

I'm truly happy with her at the moment.

However my euphoric state ended when I hit the other barn and hit the social hour that occasionally goes on.

It was too cold for the regulars to show up, but one of the leasees were there etoling their success in making it into one of the local rags. I tried ignoring, but was sucked in to it.

Part of this annoyance is self made. Most of my friends are simply not horsey. They understand the paticulars but not the true dynamics of a barn, equestrian and dressage. I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or really bitch about that stupid placement of the leg yield in first four.

So I rely on a few people who I can go to.

One of them loves to harp on me. Primarily because we come from two very different schools and grew up in vastly different backgrounds. I primarily grew up with the German training system in mind and I'm a Yankee and she with the French/Portugal school and was a Southern debutant.

On top of this she's breed bias. Hates what I bred May to ("the Dutch thing"). A virtue I really despise. In my book no breed is better than another breed. They all have their great virtues and detractions. Some are built for the sport both mentally and physically, and some won't get past training level.

But no one is better than anyone else and pushing personal breed choices down my throat isn't helping anyone.

On the side is the training issues.

Nine times out of ten, I can take whatever is dished out to me.

But lately for some reason, I've been frustraited. Nothing I do is ever really good enough. I'm continiously being compared, analized, watched, hounded. I'm the silly little child who doesn't know what she's doing. I'm really always wrong.

I'm really tired and I wish I could be allowed to train and address the problems how I see fit. I wish I could be able to control the training and have a say in mangement a bit better.

I'm not in the position to say much of anything nor do I really want to. So I accept it and move on.

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