Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ride a painted pony

It's almost winter and things are slowing down out here.

The season officially ended at the end of October and with it come the flurry of bills and renewals that have to be done in preparation for the next.

Among the renewals is KDA, USDF and USEF. That's about 100 bucks.

I'm also trying out for the Gifted Scholarship and the new KDA Scholarship.

I finally keeled in and bought into Smart Pak. I figure it would be worth it because I don't always have time to get to the feed store and they don't always have the supplements. It costs about the same (joint and energy supplement).

We're also due for dentist, shots, coggins, Iron Pony (car) checkup and a slew of other things in the upcoming month(s).

There goes my pay.

Can we also say holidays? I work at a holiday-centric factory and the upper ups are rubbing their hands and dusting off the coffers in anticipation of a sizable holiday (apparently they didn't get the memo on the economy).

Gifts are going to be mild this year.

I figure most people will get a bottle of wine out of me (support crew), close friends will get some version of artwork (Liz Pizzo's Painted Ponies), books, loved ones I haven't quite figured out yet.

For me, I could stand supplies as gifts. Or software (hint hint), since I started doing web content and design. (Shameless promotion:

It's been hit or miss with riding lately.

Bella's rides are subjective to the weather, I'm stuck with just an outdoor with her. Sinari's is due to time constraints at the moment. The week has been super busy (between plans), but the one who isn't lacking attention is the uber pregnant mare.

She's getting a spa day with the massage therapist and is sporting a new (well not really new) binky. She's waddling worse than a quintuplet carrying woman. I need to get her registration in order.

For what we've accomplished under saddle, I feel happy, Sinari getting much better through the neck and back and by the time Snowbird II rolls around she's going to be in good form. I just want to tinker with the saddle. My current one is on the market and hopefully will be sold soon. Thinking about a Duett Fidelio. She too is getting a visit from the magic fingers lady.

Bella is doing mostly first level work now at the trot, however, the canter is still coming slowly. But it's coming along. She's anticipating it more now, which is nice, but I don't want her launching herself into it.

For now I'm ready to go back to bed until spring.

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