Saturday, November 22, 2008

Going for the trifecta

The glutton for punishment is talking to me again.

You know that little voice inside that says one more can't hurt? I have one that is extremely amplified when it comes to horses, riding and competing.

To me, more is merrier. I currently ride two. Handle 3.75. I always feel like I can get on another, train another, work more, achieve more.

Then I forget, I have a life outside the sport and the barn. One that involves a full job (plus a few on the sides, picked up two more clients on Friday), a chair position on National Pony Cup, a significant other and a few friends that would like to see me more in jeans than breeches.

Then there are actual time constraints. I forget how much time it takes to ride second level and up, how much time it takes to actually get on a green horse who doesn't always want to thirty minutes. What goals I have. How much training goes into reaching them, and well... cash also plays a factor (economists call it opportunity cost).

It's also not like I haven't had a few free rides land across my lap and a few offers to throw a leg over.

So when a nice, albeit green pony comes in at an extremely attractive price I can't help but look.

But I have to ask myself, with a baby on the way, with Sinari competing, with Bella training, and my goals to reach, what will a green horse add?

I think if I had to add an extra horse to the roster, I would like to at least have the opportunity to school up the levels (and I think I will have the opportunity to do). Still though, I can't help but ask.

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